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SIZE: 2400 X 1800

Structure :- 72mm Thick Top with Provision of Power Dock mounting facility mounted on Box type gable end of 200mm thickness and Full height apron providing space for wire management within.
Table Top :- 72mm thick Top surface of conference table is the combination of different types of Top such as Stationary Main Top with provision for Power Dock fixing, Openable Top with provision of Power Dock placement and Stationary Side top. Side Top and Main Top are made up of 18mm PVC foiled MDF with three batten of same thickness fited arround the edges from Bottom side. PVC foiling of top is after fitment of one batten to it and rest two battens are foiled together which gives a look of two solid blocks of 36mm thickness joined together to form a muscular look of 72mm thickness. Side Top are of Vermont color and Main Top are finished in matt black color . Central Tops with openable fixture are made up of 18mm thick pvc foiled MDF act as horizontal box cover to access the wire mangement provision with piano hinges.
Side Top of 600mm width and length as per final size in case of final size is more than 2400mm the table top to be split in two equal part., Main Top of 600mm X 600mm size and Openable top of 596mm width and length according to sizes.
Leg :- 200mm thick box pattern hollow leg made up of 18mm thick pvc foiled MDF with C shape part made by foil and fold process is packed with cover panel made up of 18mm thick Pre-laminated Particle board.
Modesty :- made up of Prelaminated 18mm MDF. Provision of support panel below top for easy wire management across the Conference table length. Provision of wooden stiffners of 100mm width and 18mm thickness made up of PPB fixed below table top inline with Modesty panel.
Wire Management :- Provision for wire pasing throughout the structure without mixing data and power connections. the wires can be pull inside the tabel from floor and placed in the boxes build below openable shutter. The access point for data and power can be mount on Main top as well as openable top.

SIZE: 3000 X 1800

SIZE: 3600 X 1800

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