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SIZE: 1200 X 900 X 750

Structure :- set of Table Top, Modesty and Gable end designed in handshake pattern to build Closed Module, Open Module of Video conferencing pattern V shaped configuration of conference table with infinite seating arrangement depending upon space available to set the conference Table.
Table Top :- 30mm thick Table top made up of 18mm thick Pre-laminated Particle board with 12mm thick thin PVC foil wrapped decorative profile made up of MDF fixed along all the edges from bottom side which provide decorative waterfall edge profile to top with twin color look the decorative trim to be connected at the angle of 45Degree with each other.
Single seater Small Top of size 675mm width and 600mm depth.
Two seater Big Top of size 1350mm width and 600mm depth.shape Open type and O shape Close type congiguration.
Two Seater End Top of perfect semicircle shape of radius of 600mm usable for close module with lowest space of 1200mm in front to front seating.
LEG :- 25mm thick Leg or Gable End made up of 25mm thick Pre-laminated Particle board with M.S. Leveler bracket to give floating look.
Modesty :- Modesty Panel made up of 18mm thick Pre-laminated Particle board providing stability to structure and allow sufficient leg privacy to user. "D" headed Decorative aluminum profile fixed on it .
Wire management :- Below table wire management through sheet metal cable trays to be fixed on modesty panel. wire can be accessed at top surface with gromet cutout covered with gromet cap.Vertical duct is provided for vertical wire management.

SIZE: 1500 X 900 X 750

SIZE: 1800 X 900 X 750

SIZE: 2400 X 1200 X 750

SIZE: 3000 X 1800 X 750

SIZE: 3600 X 1800 X 750

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