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SIZE: 1800 X 900 X 750

Structure :- 36mm Thick Top with Provision of access flap for Data and Power connectivity on top surface,mounted on curved Shaped gable end of 100mm thickness and 3/4th height apron providing space for wire management within.
Table Top :- 1400 MM WIDTH , 36mm thick Curved Edge Table Top made up of 18mm thick PVC foiled MDF with Batten of same thickness and finish fitted all over the edges with Decorative "D" Headed aluminum profile fixed between joint of Top and Batten panel to avoid by forced pill-off of PVC foil from edge-side resulting in a rich looking 36mm solid free flow structure for executive seating.
LEG :- Curved shaped gable end or Leg having thickness of 100mm at center and reducing to 20mm towards both curved edges having radius of 10mm as a resulting in a oval look. The gable end is made up of core structure and skin covering the structure with end profile fixed on it. Wooden core structure is a rigid assembly of 50mm thick one central vertical load caring member with two end support of same thickness of 25mm thick raw MDF
Modesty :- Modesty Panel of lighter shade made up of 18mm thick Pre-laminated Particle board providing stability to structure and allow sufficient leg privacy to user.
Wire Management :- Provision for wire pasing throughout the structure without mixing data and power connections. the wires can be pull inside the tabel from floor and placed in the boxes build below openable shutter. The access point for data and power can be mount on Main top as well as openable top. Access flap are box structure made up of aluminum extrusion where user cab fixes switches of his requirement.

SIZE: 2400 X 1400 X 750

SIZE: 3000 X 1400 X 750

SIZE: 3600 X 1400 X 750

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