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•Back Angle Adjustment with Tilt Lock
The back angle adjustment provides users a comfortable range of postures while working - from sitting completely upright to a deep recline, and this works in tandem with the tilt tension adjustment that also comes standard on the Ergohuman. The addition of the tilt lock allows users to set the Ergohuman in a variety of fixed positions. Unlock the tilt lock lever to recline back in your chair or quickly lock the Ergohuman's back in one of the fixed positions, including upright.

•Back Height Adjustment
Raise or lower the back height to support the lumbar (lower back) region of your spine.

Synchro-tilt mechanisms allow for the backrest and seat to tilt in unison, opening up a user’s posture between the spine and hips as they recline. The seat back adjusts in proportion to the seat in a 2:1 ratio as a user reclines.

•Tension Control
This control ensures that the Ergohuman tilts back comfortably (not too fast or too slow) when you want to recline.

•Seat Depth Adjustment
This feature allows you to change the depth of the seat to accommodate your leg length, keeping your back in contact with the backrest while avoiding pressure behind your knees.

•Seat Height Adjustment
A pneumatic height-adjustable cylinder allows you to raise or lower the seat height on your Ergohuman Chair so your feet can rest flat on the floor. This allows the Ergohuman to accommodate individuals of all different heights; The Ergohuman is most comfortable for people above 5'2" and below 6'2".

•Arm Height Adjustment
The adjustable Ergohuman arms raise or lower so your forearms rest comfortably while typing at a computer and working at your desk.

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